Encouraging and equipping believers to make disciples, one home at a time

Community Groups

Community Groups are mid-sized groups that meet on Sunday mornings during each worship service (see below for times). We would like to see everyone connected into a Community Group because we believe that the most growth will happen in theses mid-sized communities. At Life Bridge there are four areas in which each believer needs to develop; Community Groups are the primary place to engage in each of these areas:

  1. with others: in planned and spontaneous activities together as a group. Some of these events are great opportunities to bring new friends along.
  2. with God: we believe connecting with God involves being connected to a community. This happens in our weekly worship service, as well as in our smaller communities. 


  1. in the Word: renewing our minds by studying God’s Word together.
  2. in obedience: 1) prayer, 2) baptism, 3) communion and 4) daily living in response to the Word of God.
  3. in relationships: with family, friends, at work and in communities around our church.


  1. in your Community Group: caring for each other’s needs within the group: hospital/home visits, meals, prayer, financial support, counsel, etc. (for funerals, call the office).
  2. in the church: volunteering in the ministries at Life Bridge: youth, worship, ushers, etc.
  3. in the surrounding area: responding to our community's social needs by participating as a group in at least two compassion projects each year.
  4. our missionaries: caring for our missionaries as a Community Group: each group will adopt 2-3 missionaries, encouraging and praying for them in a number of ways (not necessarily financially).


  1. into your home: helping each other live out Biblical principles at home.
  2. into your world: praying for and reaching out to at least three seeker households a year in your neighborhood and the Wauconda/Island Lake area.
  3. into the world: sending people from your own Community Group to do missions work.


Although corporate worship (Sunday service) is vital, we believe these mid-sized groups are crucial for the holistic development of each Christ follower since they are a good size for fulfilling the four functions of our church (Connect, Grow, Serve, Go). We view Community Groups as smaller congregations of 25-60 people. This means that these groups should represent a good mix of people from all stages of life in which the primary care and sense of community is found.

Our current Community Groups are:

  • LIFT (Living in Faith Together) | 9:00 am | Gym
  • Faith Builders - Meeting with LIFT or GIG during Construction
  • GIG (Growing in Grace) | 10:30 am | Gym

Contact Dan for information on these groups.