Encouraging and equipping believers to make disciples, one home at a time

It's cold outside, but at Life Bridge, Winter Electives are heating up! For the next six weeks, we're taking a break from Community Group gatherings between services to give us as a family the opportunity to dive deeper into the Scriptures and theology. Whether or not you regularly attend a Community Group or even regularly attend Life Bridge, we hope you can join us.

PARTY TIME!!! So many couples have signed up for the March 4th marriage retreat that we will be taking a break from Winter Electives on March 4, and instead celebrating with fun and fellowship (and a check-in on how our classes are going) in the gym. Winter Electives will resume on the 11th, and wrap up on March 18th.


Four classes. Six weeks. Every Sunday, February 4 through March 11 18, 2018; 9:45-10:45am. We're at it fast and furious, but that doesn't mean you can't join in any time. See details on the individual classes below. If you're not already attending one, pick a class, and come join us. No need to register. If you're already in a class, there are links below for some of the classes to important take-home materials.

Lighting Up The Old Testament 

A Biblical Survey of Old Testament Theology

Leaders: Chad Hardy
Venue: Upper Room

Are you fairly new to the Old Testament? Or, maybe you're familiar with it, butit still seems like a big mystery. This course provides an overview of the Old Testament, focusing on its primary storyline: salvation. When we're through, you'll be able to better understand how the Bible fits together as one unified story.


A God in Whom to Take Refuge

Trusting a Good God in a Broken World

Leader: Jeff Block
Venue: Worship Center

Is God good? The Bible says He is. We would probably say He is. But the fact is, in our most honest moments, most of us would have to admit to wondering, "Is God really good?" This is because of personal pain and suffering, and all the evil we see in the world. So, how do we reconcile these things with God's goodness?

 Download class materials each week

Seeing Jesus' Teaching Through First Century Eyes

Leader: Len Sabourin
Venue: South Fellowship Hall

We will look at six teachings of Jesus often misunderstood by moderns because they either don't know the Old Testament or the first century culture. So, when Jesus tells Peter the number of times he should forgive is 70x7, you can go on believing that the answer is 490... or you can come to this class to find out the real answer.


Unlocking the Bible

Principles for Biblical Interpretation

Leader: Dan Pongetti
Venue: North Fellowship Hall

We're always being encouraged to read our Bibles on a regular basis. But we may not always be sure how to rightly interpret what we're reading. Should the Bible always be taken literally? Can a verse have more than one meaning? How do we have a meaningful quiet time in a book like Leviticus?

 Download class materials each week


A few important things to keep in mind...

  • Winter Electives will break on March 4. That day, we will gather together as a whole church in the gym during the middle hour to eat, celebrate and discuss how your elective is going. Jeff Block will host. Come on down!
  • Community groups will not meet during winter electives, but will resume as usual the week of March 25.
  • We have a very limited time to dive into some very rich topics. Please make sure you're in your seat, ready to rock, promptly at 9:45am. We will also end promptly at 10:45am, in order to get you to 2nd service on time.
  • These classes are BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee)! Unfortunately, the logistics of the events do not permit us to serve refreshments.