Encouraging and equipping believers to make disciples, one home at a time

We know how uncomfortable it can feel walking into a church and having no idea what is happening. Why are all the people standing facing a screen and singing? What is this plate being passed and am I expected to put something in it? Why are they eating a cracker and drinking the world's smallest cup of juice?

Take a look below to discover a little bit about what goes on at church and why we do the things we do in our services.


Communion is a celebration for people who have chosen to follow Jesus. Stemming from the Jewish Passover festival, communion was instituted by Jesus for us to remember His body that was sacrificed to pay for our sins and His blood that initiates a new covenant with us – allowing us to relate to God personally.

Even though we offer communion every month, we hope and pray that it never becomes mundane, but that we continually examine our hearts in preparation for this monthly memorial.


We consider giving an act of worship. We know that nothing we have is our own, so we choose to give our money back to God and watch to see Him do amazing things with our collective resources that we could not do individually. 

We also collect our "Connect with Life Bridge" registration forms during the offering which helps you connect to the church through giving us your contact information, asking questions, volunteering and sharing prayer requests. Filling out this form each week really helps us love our people well.


Our Sunday gatherings are a time where we get to celebrate what God is doing in and through our lives and hear from his Word. Typically, we'll sing contemporary songs with a touch of re-mixed, great classic hymns of faith. Following our time of worship through song, we’ll dig into God’s Word, the Bible. We deeply value Scripture and its relevance to our lives – for a sample of our teaching, visit the sermon page and listen to a recent message.


Baptism is a simple illustration of being washed and made new. It is a picture of Christ's death and resurrection; a picture of new birth. When a person gives their life to Jesus, baptism is the next step for that person to publicly profess what Jesus has done in washing away their sin.

If you are interested in being baptized, please contact us.