Children's Ministry

Our ministry philosophy 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

We find such joy in children at Life Bridge!  We want children to find our church to be a loving, fun place so they are open to hear all we want to teach them about Jesus. We also believe that loving on and supporting the parents of our little ones is an integral part of our ministry. Parents have the most important role of leading their children to faith in Jesus Christ and growing them in understanding.  We want to be extremely supportive of this parental responsibility. 
We believe that we were created by God in order to love Him, serve Him and worship Him. Our curriculum is age appropriate and grows as they grow. In their younger years, they will learn about events from the Bible and the characters who experienced them. They will learn how to defend their faith and find evidence for the truth of the Bible as they get older.
Loving your kids means keeping them safe. We have strict safety policies/procedures in place, including a dedicated children's area, a trained vetted staff and an electronic check-in system, so only you can pick up your child. Loving your kids also means making sure everyone is included in the fun, teaching them to treat others with kindness and respect, and celebrating the fact that we get to spend time with them!
Having fun is important to kids!  We want them to look forward to spending time with their friends and teachers at Life Bridge, so we do our best to make it engaging and fun-filled.  We believe that through stories, songs, crafts, games, snacks and playing together, we create an environment for learning and community.

Sunday morning kidz ministry


This would be the routine on Sunday morning during the worship service:

1.  Check your children in at the Kidz desk. Make sure they have their tags on and you have the guardian tag.
2.  Your school-aged children will go with you to the worship service.  They will remain with you during announcements, prayer and singing. Birth thru Pre-K will go to their classrooms.
3.  Right before the sermon, the children will be verbally dismissed.
The Children's Director, will be at the front of the worship center to bring the kids down to their classrooms.


If you plan on staying for Community Groups during the second hour and your children are already in their classrooms, there is nothing that you need to do. Kids in K - 5th grade will go to Children's Church during this hour.